I am a PhD student working with Dr. Nick Swanson-Hysell in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Much of my research involves the integration of paleomagnetic, geochronologic, and stratigraphic data to solve geologic problems. Check out the UC Berkeley Paleomagnetism Lab webpage to learn more about how we develop paleomagnetic data. My interests span a variety of topics in geophysics and Earth history, including

  • ancient continental reconstructions and the supercontinent cycle
  • rates of plate tectonic motion and other large-scale geodynamic processes, and how these have evolved throughout Earth history
  • hypothesized events of rapid reorientation of the solid Earth (true polar wander)
  • the evolution of the geodynamo and Earth’s magnetic field
  • the frequency of geomagnetic reversals through time and stochastic models of geomagnetic field behavior

See the Swanson-Hysell Group webpage for more information on these and many other research projects.